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For You Gift Bags at Crafts Unleashed

For anyone looking for an easy way to package your DIY necklaces and jewelry (or any other small trinket for that matter) - I shared this free file over at Crafts Unleashed to create your own 'For You' Gift bags. They're simple, sweet and so cute with just the right touch of handmade to accentuate your gift.

gift bag and jewelry

Modern Thanksgiving Place Cards at Crafts Unleashed

While Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone, I still have the American Thanksgiving to think about - it's one of the perks of having family in both countries and then some! The other day I shared how to create fast and modern thanksgiving place cards at Crafts Unleashed to spruce up your table setting. 

modern thanksgiving place cards at crafts unleashed

Glittery Bat Witch Hat at Crafts Unleashed

It's just a few weeks to Halloween and I'm sure there are last minute people (like me) who don't know what to wear! If you are wanting a low-key halloween accessory, or even just something for your little fur pet, this mini glittery bat witch hat at Crafts Unleashed is the perfect project!

glittery bat witch hat at crafts unleashed

Custom Halloween Invites Using the Silhouette Studio Software at Silhouette Blog

One of the things I like about Silhouette Studio is the ability for you to design invitations and other printed media. I have a subscription to Adobe's Creative Suite, but for those who don't have one, you can definitely use the Silhouette Studio to create invitations, flyers etc (or you can hire me - haha!). Check out the post on how to create Custom Halloween Invites using the Silhouette Studio Software at Silhouette blog and learn how to print to PDF as well. 

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